Apologies for the radio silence on this blog over the last two months. As some of you know, it’s been a difficult spring: the death of Mick’s father, followed by my month-long bout of antibiotic resistant bronchitis. And it’s about to be quiet for a few weeks longer, as on Sunday I leave for my annual visit to the States. There are graduations to celebrate, and simpler rituals to enjoy: early coffee with my mom on the back porch, for example. She’ll insist that I borrow a warmer bathrobe, and while we sit and gossip, we’ll look for the resident family of chipmunks. I might report from the road; if not, see you back here shortly.

Saint-André-les-Alpes II, 29 April 2012Earlier this week, walking towards the car parked down in the little Gobi, I was brought to a standstill by the heady smell of spring. Outside the primeurs were the first peaches, their dappled skins warm in the sun; sharp green pods of fava beans, ranged fan-like in rough baskets; piles of lemons, oranges, melons and plums, towering over happy oddities like kumquats and quince; and far at the end of the line, the last of the winter pears. The air surrounding me was chill, but not crisp. Its breezes no longer brought the scent of the mountains. Instead of bare stone covered in snow, I smelled the sea, tasted the faintest tingle of salt at the back of my throat. Construction on the terrace above le grand parking had mercifully ceased, and so there was no hellish clatter of machinery, no acrid clouds of concrete dust. I lifted my eyes to the hills, their slopes dark green and scumbled, and saw a filmy haze suspended there. The seasons, holding their breath, rested in perfect balance. I closed my eyes, and did the same.

amrh / Valbonne, mid-May 2012


3 thoughts on “Suspension

  1. Bill Dolan says:

    I enjoyed the same suspended haze last Saturday…waking too early but then again just in time from a camp out on the Brandywine.
    Good to have you state side – Gigi was in DC last week for a class trip. Enjoy your family.
    Also, so sorry to hear about Mick’s father.

    • Wombat1865 says:

      Hi Murph and Bill and all the Philly contingent:

      Thanks for your kind thoughts. Mick is doing ok; he’s in Ireland this week while I’m here, spending time with his mom and helping her deal with whatever paperwork she wasn’t able to handle back in March. All’s well down here in DC — when I pulled up to my sister’s house on Sunday night, a cloud of children and animals tumbled out the door to say hello; I even got a kiss from number four nephew, which was very gratifying. We’re all off to Rochester on Wednesday to see number three nephew gradu-ape from college. He has a job immediately upon graduation — the very fortunate young man.

      Best love / more soon
      xx am

  2. murph says:

    Hi Annie,
    Good to hear from you, but sorry to hear about Mick’s Dad. Give him our best. Enjoy your trip back home.

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